The following is a joint statement regarding Mayday endorsed by the following class struggle anarchist groups and organizations: Prairie Struggle Organization, Workers Solidarity Movement, Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front, Organisation socialiste libertaire-Suisse, Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici, Workers Solidarity Alliance, Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group & Collectif communiste libertaire-Bienne

DISPATCH FROM ECUADOR: Prairie Struggle members reporting in

I have been living in the Andean mountains of Ecuador for about eight months. I live just outside the city of Azogues, about twenty minutes away from the city of Cuenca, which is an incredibly metropolitan city of about half a million people. I have also had the privilege of travelling the country, to the ocean city of Salinas, to Guayaquil (the largest city in Ecuador and center of business), to Quito (the capital of Ecuador), and many places in between. I think I was unprepared for how beautiful a mega-biodiverse country as small as Ecuador truly is. I also tried to arrive in this country with as few preconceived notions as possible, while at the same time researching as much as I could before arriving. The purpose of this article is not to crap on Ecuador, a country I have come to love, nor to purvey that I speak for the people of Ecuador, because that's not the case either. I want to dispel the idea that political leftism is more prominent here in South America than in the North.

CLARIFICATIONS TO OUR POSTION PAPER: A response to Klas Batalo's review

Shortly after the release of our position paper on “combative unionism” which sparked much criticism and legitimate questioning, members of Prairie Struggle set about reviewing the critiques and debating the position paper and its legitimacy. Though the process of creating this position paper entailed much debate and thought, the process is a continuous one. The sentiment that theory and practice is always evolving to better adapt to its conditions is one all members of Prairie Struggle share. It is in this spirit that most if not all critics and questions where received; with enthusiasm, as we feel that the question of involvement within the labour movement and its labour organizations is one that is too often dismissed by a broad bass within the anarchist movement.

A Look at the Winnipeg General Strike of 1919

Almost a century ago, one of Canada's largest-ever strike actions took place right here on the prairies. On May 15th of 1919, at least 30,000 workers in the city of Winnipeg refused to continue working. Thousands of non-organized workers (on their own initiative) joined the unionized workers who began the strike action that day. This was a general sympathetic strike called to stand in solidarity with the Builders and Metal Trades unions who had been on strike since early May after becoming frustrated during negotiations with their employers. It can be said that this city-wide strike had been quietly simmering for years until reaching a boiling point in May of 1919.


After putting much of our efforts in the cross Canada Speaking Tour on Combative Unionism, a debate on Combative unionism took place inside and outside of Prairie Struggle giving way to PSO's first position paper. In this position paper we hope to contribute to the relevant work and theoretical development that has been done or is already underway. We salute our comrades within the revolutionary left that are active in undermining bureaucratic control over working class power.

The world didn't end. And yes, you're still alive

Doomsday politics and its affect on struggle

So the world didn’t end and you are still alive. ‘’Our’’ false idols predicted wrong, the coming insurrection didn’t arrive, capitalism didn’t crumble, and Christians didn’t all float up to heaven (damn). Time after time we have seen prophets from religious, to revolutionary backgrounds predict the end of our suffering or for those going to hell, the beginning. Emancipation is promised time after time by these ‘’new’’ theories embodied in apocalyptic events like the rapture and or ‘’end ofcivilization’’ but they leave us with nothing but empty promises.


OurWalmart or Their Walmart?

In recent weeks the American labour movement has been boosted by strike actions at Wal-Mart and various fast food corporations--all of which have historically been near impossible to organize into business unions. It is hardly a secret that the campaigns, OurWalmart and FastFoodForward, are in collaboration with the United Food and Commercial Workers, and the Service Employees International Union and several community groups. Moving forward past the days of action, and the successes they brought, members of the Prairie Struggle Organization offer the following reflections on these unique strike actions, and this new turn as a whole.

The history of the Quebec student movement and combative unionism (tour notes)


In September 2012, shortly after the end of the largest unlimited general student strike in the history of Quebec, several class-struggle anarchist organisations in Canada along with a few local chapters of the IWW put together a cross-country tour to bring the history and experiences of the Quebec student movement to students and activists outside the province. Stopping in over a dozen cities from Toronto, Ontario to Victoria, BC, the tour brought a participant in the 2012 student strike to audiences in colleges and universities as well as union halls and various cooperatives. The article that follows is based on this conference. Special thanks to Jonathan from Zabalaza for editing help!

Article originally posted on anarkismo


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