We determine ourselves as inside the platform tradition once we extensively have confidence in its theoretical foundation and firm exercise, although not needfully in exactly what hasbeen completed in its title. The main suggestions of the exercise, specifically theoretical and tactical unity, combined motion, and federalism, are what we make an effort to create.

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Mayday – Remembering The Past


The first of May is just a moment for us to remember the Chicago Haymarket Martyrs of 127 years ago. These Chicago served to guide the major struggle of the day, not merely for that 8-Hour Evening, but also for cultural liberation.

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Constitution of Prairie Struggle Organization

We determine ourselves inside the tradition, tradition. We extensively determine using the theoretical foundation of the custom and also the firm exercise it proposes for, although not always anything else it’s completed or stated, so it’s a beginning point for our politics and never a finish stage.

The primary ideas of the custom that people determine with are the requirement for governmental agencies that seek to build up.

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Aims and principles

Goals and concepts

The Prairie Battle is definitely an organization of revolutionaries originating from various actions of opposition who determine using the history within anarchism. The Business’s actions are structured around theoretical improvement, anarchist propaganda, and treatment within the challenges of our course, be it autonomously or by primary participation in social actions.

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