About us

We identify ourselves as anarchists within the platformist tradition as we broadly believe in its theoretical base and organizational practice, but not needfully in everything that has been done in its name. The primary ideas of this practice, namely theoretical and tactical unity, collective action, and federalism, are what we strive to develop.

We are revolutionaries that come from all walks of life, identifying deeply with the struggles of the working class, of which all our members are a part. The organization's activities are centred around not only theoretical development, but also direct action and education surrounding the struggles of the working class.

The Prairie Struggle Organization aim's to further anarchist communist ideas and put them into practice through a federation of anarchist groups that spreads across Canada.

As anarchist communists, we strive for a classless society, free from the shackles of a hierarchy put in place long before us. We are bold enough to see an international federation of radically democratic, self-managed communities and workplaces. We work against the divisions of labour that promote a life of limited activity dictated by the commodity economy. The abolition of markets will facilitate the satisfaction of basic human needs that elude so many – we believe, in keeping with the principle, “from each according to ability, to each according to need.”