Cross Canada speaking tour: The Québec student strike!

Its history, Combative unionism and anarchist involvement

Dear comrades, Since the start of the Quebec student general strike, members of the Prairie Struggle Organization along with the collaboration of Common Cause, Union Communist Libertaire and the IWW, have been in the process of putting together a cross-Canada speaking tour on the Quebec student general strike. This strike, which has demonstrated once more the power of mass, combative and democratic social movements, is something that does not come often in Canadian history and expresses politics and strategies that are greatly needed in the rest of Canada. The struggles, and organizational principles demonstrated in this strike are examples that anarchists across Canada should aim to share and educate ourselves on, as our comrades in Quebec have done, due to the fact that its core principles are in fact close to our principles.

The purpose of the speaking tour is to give an in-depth look at why radical politics in Quebec have taken the shape of a rank and file, direct action based movement capable of posing a very real threat to the state and its capitalist proponents. It will Look at “combative unionism” and the strategies it uses to fight legislation, repression and general anti-union approaches put forward against the struggle. Also, the tour will discuss an anarchist analysis of the struggle and why anarchists are involved as a whole.

This speaking tour will also serve the purpose of demystifying fetishisms of Quebec political culture as inherently combative by showing that the roots of successful struggle lies in organizing along directly democratic lines, and building combativeness, and solidarity.

Speaker bio:

Jerome Raza has been a student activist and organizer since 2004. After a year on the board of his local student union, he joined the executive board of ASSÉ on the eve of the 2005 general student strike against massive cuts to student financial aid. As the student strike coalition, CASSÉÉ, was formed, he was delegated to sit the its
negociations committee that was mandated to present the strike movement's demands to the governement. After leaving official capacity in 2006, he joined the Montreal NEFAC collective which later became part of UCL. Since February he has been active in supporting the student mobilisation through various organizing roles, as well as being involved in his neighborhood's autonomous popular assembly borne out of the spontaneous pots & pans movement.

Tour stops:

Toronto- September 18th 7pm - The Ontario Institute For Studies in Education(OISE), 252 Bloor Street West Room 4414
cross canada-TORONTO.jpg
Kitchener- September 19th 1:30pm - Queen st Commons, 43 Queen St
history of quebec student movement queen st.jpg
Hamilton- September 19th 6pm - Westdale Branch, Hamilton Public Library, 955 King Street W.
cross canada-HAMILTON.jpg
London-  September 20th 2pm - London Central Library, 251 Dundas St.Stevenson & Hunt room
cross canada-LONDON.jpg
Thunder Bay- September 21st 7pm - Finnish Labour Temple, 314 Bay Street
cross canada-THUNDER BAY.jpg
Winnipeg- September 22th 5pm - the Urban Forest at 93 Albert St
cross canada-winnipeg.jpg
Regina- September 23th 1pm - Regina Union Center, COPE union hall, 2709 12th Avenue
cross canada-Regina.jpg
Saskatoon- September 23h 7PM - Root Down Workers' Cooperative Cafe, 120 Sonnenschein Way
cross canada-SASKATOON.jpg
Edmonton- September 24th, 2 stops
1pm - Telus Centre 111 Street & 87 Avenue Room 236/238
7pm - Naked Cybercafe, 10303 108 Street
cross canada-edmonton.jpg
Calgary- September 25th 7pm - Alberta College of Art and Design, Annex C
cross canada-calgary.jpg
Lethbridge- September 25th 1pm - The Cave, Lethbrige College, 3000 College Drive South
cross canada-Lethbridge.jpg
Surrey- September 26th 1pm - Kwantlen Surrey (main campus) FIR BLDG. ROOM 204
cross canada-surrey .jpg 
Vancouver- September 26th 7pm - Maritime Labour Center 1880 Triumph Street
cross canada-vancouver.jpg
Victoria- September 27th 7pm - University of Victoria, Hickman Building, Room 105
cross canada-Victoria.jpg

More information coming soon. Stay tuned!